Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The MOTHER of All Long Weekends

Have you ever had a weekend planned, so perfect in your head in every way, so ideal, that when the actual weekend happens and nothing goes right, you feel like you were cheated?  That was my Mother's Day weekend.  

The local drive-in movie theatre was supposed to open last weekend and, being as I still have a baby attached to me and haven't been out to see a movie since last July, I really, really, REALLY wanted to go.  No such luck.  The theatre didn't open until Sunday night, which, being a work night for Matt, did NOT work for us.  The rest of the weekend was pretty crappy, literally, since baby C pooped in the tub, with me in it.  It was one of those slow motion, nightmarish moments, you can see it happening, but just can't figure out how to stop it.  Overall, Mother's Day was a bit of a write off.

Enter this past weekend.  It was the MOTHER of all weekends, and, in my books, a complete do-over of Mother's Day weekend.  Saturday we had friends over for breakfast, went shopping, bought a kiddie pool, swam in the kiddie pool and went to, wait for it...the drive in, which was, at times, a bit of a disaster with the kids waking each other up, but we stuck it out, got home at 1:30 in the morning, were up at 6:00 am Sunday and drank coffee, coffee and more coffee.

X and C enjoying the new pool.
On Sunday, Matt finished the front-yard makeover: painted shutters, cut down trees and cut the grass.  Here is the before and the after.  Still more work to do, but we're on our way.

Two big cedars, one evergreen bush and white shutters.
No more cedars, no more evergreen bush and spiffy new black shutters.

Hard at play while Daddy works.
We had more company Sunday night and Monday morning, and Matt even put some trim up around the chalkboard we painted on the wall over 6 months ago.  Seriously, he was like Superman this weekend.  And he kicked my butt last night when we did our first couch to 5K run.  I'm going to chalk it up to the fact he's a whole, entire foot taller than I am.  But the entire time he was way ahead of me while pushing the stroller, and I thought I was going to puke for a good hour after.  I am determined to get down to my pre-baby weight by my cousin's wedding in July though (check out their fabulous YouTube invitation here), just in time for my birthday, and by pre-baby, I mean pre FIRST baby.  Couch to 5K, bring it!

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  1. Good luck Laura!! Running is ever so challenging but soooo rewarding!! Hide a couple of weights in Matt's stroller to slow him down a bit. I know how it is to run with the fast partner that makes it seem so effortless ;)-