Thursday, May 24, 2012

My, What a Big *?* You Have...

Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook might remember this status update from back in August: "wondering how you explain to a 21-month-old that his "pee pee" and an elephant's trunk are not one and the same while he's looking at a picture book of an elephant and pointing to himself...Oh X, I love you!!!"

Well, we have come full circle since then with lots of talk of potty training and body part names.  After the picture book incident, I decided I had better decide just what exactly to call his *pee pee,* lest he go into the world as a man forever referring to it as an elephant's trunk.  After much contemplation and confusion, I decided to call it like I see it.  A penis.  He, and every other boy and man on the planet, has one.

At first we thought we'd go the way of euphemisms and call it his *pee pee,* but after many roundabout conversations on the potty about having to go pee pee out of his *pee pee* so that the pee pee stayed in the potty (confused yet?  I know I was), I looked at Matt with bewilderment and said, "Let's just call it his penis, ok?  I mean, we want him to be comfortable with his body and be comfortable talking to us about it, so we might as well start off right."  So ever since the elephant incident, it's been what it is, but he's never actually taken much interest in talking about it.  Until I heard this coming from X's room today while Matt was changing him...

"That is a big penis.  That is a big, big, big, BIG penis.  I have one.  And daddy has one.  And Mommy has one, and C has one.  And I have two nipples.  And daddy has two nipples, and so on, and so on..."  So there you have it folks.  Straight from the horses, I mean elephant's, mouth.  Guess we still have a little work to do on just who in this family belongs on the elephant safari.

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