Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bohemian Curtain Raphsody

Ever feel like a place is nice, but it's not really yours?  Well, we moved into our house in July of last year and, although it's felt more like home than any of the four houses we've lived in in the past six years (long story), it's still not quite "us".  Slowly, room by room and detail by detail, we are adding those personal touches that will stamp it as our own.  

Months ago, I started looking for the right fabric to make into living room curtains.  When we moved in, there were two sets - one around the front picture window and one around the window at the end of the room.  They were yellow and drab and, after I realized that one set was "hemmed" using straight pins after X hid in them and poked himself, definitely needed to come down.

After many evenings of nursing a baby while searching for that perfect fabric online, I settled on some Amy Butler Charisma in Midnight from Hawthorne Threads and ordered it with the best of intentions of getting them done right away.

Months later, here we are. 

We (Matt) took down the curtains and the brass rods. Replaced said brass rods with shiny new black ones. And put up the beautiful new panels I made. 



New curtain rods.


We still have a lot of projects to go in the living room, but for now I'm happy with the extra colour and the light bohemian feel these add to the space.

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