Sunday, July 8, 2012

C's Swimming Sisters Quilt

Shortly after I made my first quilt in the beginning of 2010, I came across Heather Ross' Mendocino line and was SMITTEN!  I was heartbroken when I discovered that it was discontinued, so naturally I headed to Etsy to get my fix and eventually came across a wonderful bundle of pink, orange and plum.  The wait for it to come in the mail was excruciating and I screamed with glee when it finally showed up at my door.  Then I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  I just couldn't bring myself to cut up such beautiful fabric.  That is, until I found out I was expecting a little girl.

Once we were settled in from our move in May of 2011, I set to work scouring quilts on Flickr and Google until I came across this lovely quilt block and great tutorial from Holly at Bijou Lovely.  I had a vision and knew my mermaids were destined to be cut and sewn into scrappy herringbones.  I adjusted the tutorial a little bit to suit my design by making one long strip of herringbones instead of several blocks.  I did this by simply sewing the scrappy strips together until I reached the desired length so I wouldn't have the breaks you see when you sew herringbone blocks together.  I added some white sashing and then decided to try my hand at free motion quilting for the first time.  It took forever to quilt all of those little bubbles, but I am so happy with the way it turned out.  And so happy that I took the plunge to cut up my fabric and create the perfect mermaid quilt for C.

Front View of Swimming Sisters Quilt.

Detail of Bubble Quilting on Sashing. 

Detail of Wavy Quilting on Herringbones.

Detail of Quilting on the Back.

Swimming Sisters Back.


  1. this is absolutely stunning. stunning!

    1. Thanks Ara Jane! Is it bad to want to make a matching one for myself?