Sunday, November 11, 2012

Plum and June Blog Hop - Monster Shirt Tutorial

Hi there, and welcome to Waffle Kisses!  I am an artist, mom, teacher, and Etsy shop owner of Lil Pig Designs and am so glad you have stopped by.  Before we get started on all of the hop details, here are some of my finishes.

*Please make sure to read on.  My Qs and As are below the tutorial.
Monster Shirt Tutorial

This weekend we celebrated my son’s third birthday with a monster-themed party. To complete the party, I wanted him to have something special to wear for the occasion.  It seemed like a monster shirt was definitely in order and I had a huge pile of scraps on the dining table left over from some bee blocks, so behold my very own monster patchwork creation!

11. Dig into your scrap pile and begin sewing pieces together in a random manner, trimming here and there and increasing in size until you have a square or rectangle big enough to create the shape you are going to make.


2. Press your new patchwork square and iron a piece of Heat and Bond measuring 1/4" smaller on all sides to the back.


3. Use felt to create your monster's facial features.  I decided on three googly eyes and one mouth. Use a zig-zag stitch to assemble these.

4. On the back of the patchwork square (the Heat and Bond side), use a pencil to create the shape of your monster.  Be sure to stay within the fusible web.  Place your monster features on top to give yourself an idea of the final project.


5. Cut out your new shape and peel off the back of the Heat and Bond. Iron your monster body onto your shirt.


6. Using iron-on transfer paper, choose a font (I used Grutch Shaded) and create a mirror image of the words. Print out the text for your shirt.  Cut out words.

7. Cut two pieces of white fabric large enough to fit your words.


8.  Iron the words onto the shirt above and below the monster body.


9. Zig-zag around text and monster body to finish and prevent fraying.  Pin felt features to body and attach with zig-zag stitch.


 10. Let your party monster enjoy!


Blog Hop Q and As

How long have you been quilting?
I started quilting in the beginning of 2010, just after my son was born.  When I was little, my grandmother (a fabulous quilter) first taught me how to sew and I pursued fashion and sewing classes throughout high school.

Favourite quilting tip?
Don’t be afraid to go against the grain and come up with your own ideas.  I love using tutorials and my own plans to create things and am actually a little nervous to use a quilt pattern for the first time.  I hope to do so soon and try AMH’s Gathering Flowers pattern.

Favourite blogging tip?
Try not to feel obligated to blog.  I find that if I feel obligated, I get stressed and then neglect it even more.  Blogging should be for yourself first and for others second.

Favourite fabric?
I am in love with Field Study and Indie and generally love anything by Aneela Hoey and Heather Ross.

Favourite craft book?
I just bought Sunday Morning Quilts and am loving it so far. It’s so hard to pick just one.  I’m also a big fan of Amy Butler’s Little Stitches for Little Ones and Anna Maria Horner’s Handmade Beginnings.

Favourite book?
My all-time favourite book is Pride and Prejudice.  I am also in love with Geraldine Brook’s People of the Book and will be reading March this year as a part of my book club.  When it comes to light reading, pass me some chick lit and I could sit for hours.

Favourite children's book?
Les vies secrets des princesses (The Secret Lives of Princesses) by Philippe Lechermeier.  The illustrations by Rebecca Dautremer are heavenly.  I also love Ovejita dame lana by Isabel Minhós Martins.  The Gruffalo books are great, too.

Favourite quilting tool?
Rotary Cutter, much the same as everyone else.

Favourite music to listen to while quilting?
I usually watch tv or a movie, but when I do listen to music while quilting, it’s usually Mumford and Sons, Taylor Swift, Sarah Harmer, Adele or something with a bit of folk to it.  If I am watching tv or a movie, it’s usually a comforting old favourite so I can follow along without missing out, like You’ve Got Mail or Penelope.

Favourite TV show while hand stitching?
Parenthood, hands down.  I also love watching Modern Family, Say Yes to the Dress and Switched at Birth while hand stitching. I am also recently hooked on Nashville.

Binding - by hand or by machine?
I'll admit it. I’ve been a bit of a binding snob and insisted on binding by machine and hand tacking on the back; however, after trying a zig zag machine binding for my September Do. Good Stitches quilt, this method may be a go-to for those tight deadlines.

If I'd only known…how much time it takes to blog!  I try to post when I can, but also trying to walk the fine line between obligation and enjoyment.

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