Sunday, July 22, 2012

Spinning a Yarn in Merrickville

Have you ever been to Merrickville?  It is one of my favourite places to go and a beautiful, quaint town with a huge artist/artisan population.  When Matt and I got married 7 years ago, we bought hand-blown glass balls from Kevin Robert Gray glassblowing to use as our centrepieces.  Since we discovered this magical place, we try to go a few times a year and make sure we get there for the annual ice cream festival and the annual Christmas in Merrickville event where there are horse-drawn hay rides, bonfires in the streets and warm apple cider, not to mention the most wonderful Christmas store that is open all year round. 

On Saturday, we decided to go for a little day trip.  Now, if you know X, you know he may be just a little partial toward all things trains, so whenever we go we have to make sure we stop into Lark Spur Line to pick him up a little something for his Thomas collection.  Since all he wants to do with everything in sight right now is "crank it up" like a construction crane, he decided on Kevin and also on a railway crossing.  I'm hoping these two trains will help abate the complete and utter breakdown he had this week when he realized that Santa was not coming again for a very long time.  I mean, lip-trembling, heart-breaking, sobbing, make-my-heart-melt breakdown that made me wish I had had the video camera with me at the time.  

We had a wonderful time at the shops and I was able to check out the new yarn store in town, Unraveled, where I literally could not keep my hands off of the softest yarn my fingers have ever touched -- Handmaiden Sea Silk, made right here in Canada.  Something cozy this way comes!
LOVE the window display!
Handmaiden's Sea Silk in Glacier
I also was not able to leave without picking up some of my favourite mustard from Merrickville's own Mrs. McGarrigle's.  Seriously, I am in heaven in this store.  With a mix of modern home decor items, kitchen tools and gourmet goodies from the world over, this place is every foodie's and decor nut's dream! 

When the shopping was done, we took a walk across the locks which felt terrifyingly like deja vu since a horrible nightmare I had a few weeks ago where I watched X fall into a canal full of sharks and couldn't get him out...I was so nervous I almost made him turn around and go back before we even started going across.

We had a great picnic down at the beach while we watched the boats come and go from the marina.  We had thought we were going to go for a swim, but after seeing the weeds at the beach and this little guy swim across in front of us while we ate, decided not to.

When we got home, the kids were so exhausted and overtired that C didn't fall asleep until 9:00pm, mid-giggle.  Definitely a girl after her mother's own heart.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

You Can Judge a Book by Its Cover

For the past three weeks I have been sick.  And lazy.  And not wanting to leave my bed after getting C to sleep.  So after I started making some lovely Mendocino hexagons from scraps leftover from this quilt, I decided to start hand-piecing them together into what would become a much needed Kobo Vox cover.  For me.  And I never make myself anything.  I guess that's my way of taking some "me" time while being sick and trying to care for two young children.

What started off as this...

Became this...

And then this...

And finally...This.

I loosely followed this iPad cover tutorial over at One Shabby Chick, but adapted the measurements to fit the Kobo Vox and used a mixture of English paper pieced hexagons, a linen top, and hand embroidery to make it my own.  This was my first time doing English paper piecing and, despite the agonizingly slow process, I am hooked.  If I can't be found after getting C to sleep in the evenings, I'm probably snuggled in bed with a needle and thread and some hexies.

I'm not going to lie.  I've always been one to gravitate towards books that have pretty covers.  Somehow, I don't think this one is going to disappoint. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

C's Swimming Sisters Quilt

Shortly after I made my first quilt in the beginning of 2010, I came across Heather Ross' Mendocino line and was SMITTEN!  I was heartbroken when I discovered that it was discontinued, so naturally I headed to Etsy to get my fix and eventually came across a wonderful bundle of pink, orange and plum.  The wait for it to come in the mail was excruciating and I screamed with glee when it finally showed up at my door.  Then I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  I just couldn't bring myself to cut up such beautiful fabric.  That is, until I found out I was expecting a little girl.

Once we were settled in from our move in May of 2011, I set to work scouring quilts on Flickr and Google until I came across this lovely quilt block and great tutorial from Holly at Bijou Lovely.  I had a vision and knew my mermaids were destined to be cut and sewn into scrappy herringbones.  I adjusted the tutorial a little bit to suit my design by making one long strip of herringbones instead of several blocks.  I did this by simply sewing the scrappy strips together until I reached the desired length so I wouldn't have the breaks you see when you sew herringbone blocks together.  I added some white sashing and then decided to try my hand at free motion quilting for the first time.  It took forever to quilt all of those little bubbles, but I am so happy with the way it turned out.  And so happy that I took the plunge to cut up my fabric and create the perfect mermaid quilt for C.

Front View of Swimming Sisters Quilt.

Detail of Bubble Quilting on Sashing. 

Detail of Wavy Quilting on Herringbones.

Detail of Quilting on the Back.

Swimming Sisters Back.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Last Weekend

Last weekend we celebrated Canada Day by staying in and, by staying in, I mean in our pajamas.  X and I were both still very sick and, even though I spent a lot of the weekend sleeping, hibernating gave us a chance to have a delicious breakfast outside, make some yummy banana s'mores melts I've been eyeing on Pinterest and try my hand at making biscotti with X's help.  Overall, we had a great weekend and were even able to watch the town fireworks from the backyard after the kids were asleep.  It wasn't busy.  It wasn't eventful.  But it was perfect.

C enjoying her Cheerios.
X and his naan bread nutella strawberry pizza.  The breakfast of champions.

Banana s'more melts before going in the oven.

Mmmmm.  Yummy melted chocolate marshmallow goodness.

X "stirring" the biscotti.  I think more ending up on the counter than in the bowl.

Must admit, it does not look very appetizing at this stage.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

And the Winner Is...

Thanks to all who entered the What a Hoot Giveaway and took the time to subscribe to the blog.  The winner, according to X's nimble fingers, is Michael (Cari).  Thanks again to all for the lovely comments. Cari, can you please send me your mailing address?