Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival - A Quilt for M

When my niece's birthday came around last summer, I just knew I had to make her something special.  And when I saw that the Blogger's Quilt Festival was happening over at Amy's Creative Side, I knew this was the quilt I had to feature.

Although her birthday has come and gone, I only recently finished this quilt.  Here is its story: 

Because of the distance between our families (they live in Pennsylvania, we live in Ontario), we don't get to see her often, so I wanted to make her something extra special that she can have close by as a reminder of our love.  When I learned that a pink scheme would suit her bedroom, I just knew that I had to break into my much coveted stack of Sherbet Pips FQs.  After much browsing and admiring on Flickr, I fell in love with this quilt and decided to try my hand at wonky stars.  I  wanted this quilt for M to be everything a little girl could want: pink, swings and puppies, all in the form of magical stars!


In addition to the Sherbet Pips fabric, I decided to add some pink linen to the mix for variation.  I wanted to highlight Aneela Hoey's darling illustrations, so I fussy cut squares for the centre of each wonky star.  Some squares are a bit more intricate and involve some patchwork as well to add some variety.  The points of the stars contrast with the backgrounds and, when I laid out all of the finished stars, I tried to place them in a way that they would contrast and complement each other in terms of light and dark value.

The entire quilt is quilted in 2.5 inch diamonds and the binding is done using leftover pieces of the Sherbet Pips FQs.  To me, the bottom left square of the quilt adds a little punch with its bright pink, so I wanted to reflect that and create some balance by using the same fabric in a piece of the binding just opposite that square on the top right.

The finished quilt measures approximately 36" x 48" and will be joining M in her toddler bed.

Blogger’s Quilt Festival Stats
Finished quilt measures : 36 ″x 48″
Special techniques used : machine quilted, hand binded
Quilted by : Laura Piggott
Best Category : Baby Quilt