Monday, July 29, 2013

Confronting the BEAST

My son is convinced that there are beasts hiding in chairs and lurking around every corner of our house.  Whenever he screams, "Ahhh, a BEAST!" or "There's a BEAST," I tell him to be brave, confront the beast, and tell it to stop bothering him.  He usually does and then goes back to playing.

Can you believe that this happy-go-lucky boy could be so terrified of something so silly?

Well, I can, because I did the exact same thing with July's block for the Simply Solids Bee: this beast of a paper-pieced block that was sent to me to complete.  The first thing I did when I got my fabric and instructions at the beginning of the month was shove them into my grandmother's hutch, not to be removed until July 26th, exactly 2 days before deadline.  For no other reason than the fact that I was hoping it might disappear.  

Much to my chagrin, it did not.  And so, Friday night, I opened my hutch, very much hoping I would be transported to Narnia instead, to confront my very own beast.

Confront it I did.  And after a lengthy battle involving a seam-ripper and many dirty words, a battle that consumed my Friday night AND Saturday afternoon, I seem to have conquered it.

It is not perfect.  The size is not quite right.  But it's done.  And this time that is good enough for me.  Perhaps I should have just put my big-girl panties on and confronted this beast when it first showed up in the mail...


  1. No, no...I think you DID put your big-girl panties on when you tackled it two days before. Either way, I think it turned out really well. Looks way too complicated for my wee little mind, although absolutely fun!

    So, would someone make an entire quilt out of this type of square? (I'm trying to picture how calm I might be sleeping under something this psychedelic.)

    And the Beast? Okay...I have to admit I giggled a little at that. Poor kid...and he's such a sweetie. No beast would ever be after him....

  2. Ha! That's how I feel about my quilt guild challenge that's due tomorrow... I finished the quilting this afternoon, and even though the binding strips are calling me from the ironing board, I'm still sitting on the couch... in front of the television... on my laptop. I should go get that beast and finish it off!