Sunday, July 21, 2013


I'm going to the market: the Farmer's Market here in CP, that is!  And this is just a glimpse of what I'll be bringing with me. For now, the remainder exists only in my imagination and the supplies strewn about my sewing space. 

Heather Ross' Mendocino + Earrings = LOVE!

With my oldest going to school for the first time in September, I'm hoping I'll be able to keep this up and restock my Etsy store.  That is, if my not-quite-two-year-old lets me get anything done.  She did, after all, tell me she wanted to learn how to shop while her brother is in school.  Not dance.  Not gymnastics.  SHOP!  I see weekly "educational" visits to the mall in our future...

 Don't worry.  I've got ideas up my sleeve and I'm not afraid to make them!

Stay tuned!  You just might see some coffee cup cozies, mug rugs, table runners and zippered cases making a cameo.


  1. Super cute - love those little wee octopuses :D

  2. Nice ... love the earrings!