Sunday, July 14, 2013

Webs of Love - A Do. Good Stitches Happiness Circle Quilt

Normally, I'm not a girl who likes spiderwebs.  At least not up close.  From afar or through a thick pane of dewy glass, they are beautiful.  They glisten.  They shimmer and shine.  But up close, they are a sticky, disgusting mess and I would rather leave them and their creatures alone.  

Put spiderwebs on a quilt, however, and I'll wrap myself up in them and daydream all day.  That said, March was my month as quilter for my Do. Good Stitches Happiness Circle and guess what I asked for?  These lovely beauties in blues, pinks and purples with low volume backgrounds following this tutorial:

At the same time as all the blocks started pouring in, tragedy struck a family close to the community I grew up in and I knew that this quilt needed to go to a little girl whose world had been forever changed.  I hoped it would envelop her in webs of love.

I had seen Holly's AMH Velveteen backing and was as smitten as a kitten when my friend Pam at Mad About Patchwork got a bolt in.  When I told her I would like to buy some for the back of this quilt, she wouldn't hear of such a thing and donated this uber luxe fabric for the backing.  It is so soft I had to stop every so often and remind myself that I was supposed to be sewing and not snuggling.  I now feel like I need to buy a bunch just for me, so I can snuggle whenever I want.  It's a good thing she has some left!

I love the texture the low-volume background prints lend to the webs. 

Kudos, Happiness Circle.  Every month you continue to astound me with your talents and skills.  I am so lucky to have you ladies in my life!



  1. Dear Laura, I had no clue you were a quilter !!! I knew you were artistic but WOW this is such a wonderful thing you are doing. I guess we do have a lot in common, more than thought ... When I am in Florida, I do lap quilts for the veterans and the battered women with the Hibiscus Quilting Guild. I usually do a top a week. It is for such a good cause and I am with wonderful and experienced women to socialize to boot. Keep on the good work.

  2. It looks wonderful, and so glad it will help someone in need.

  3. it's a gorgeous quilt! between you and holly, i may now be convinced i need my own quilt with a velveteen backing.