Thursday, October 31, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Little Folks Family Quilt (Bed Quilt Category)

During Christmas of 2011 when my daughter could still fit in the nook of my arm and nurse, I found myself browsing Anna Maria Horner's website.  The night was cold.  The wind howled.  I struggled to keep my eyes open.  And then...I found it.  The answer to everything.  Folksy Flannels on sale.  And it hit me.  I needed to make one extremely warm quilt for our bedroom to keep us cozy and comfortable on these cold, Canadian, winter nights.


Even though I bought the fabric in 2011, it took me until 2012 to come up with a plan for a quilt and start cutting.  And then it took me until 2013 to actually put the plan into action. And so this year, as luck may have it, it's finally finished in time to enter it into the Blogger's Quilt Festival.

A queen-sized zig zag quilt.  Front and back both flannel.  Inside, a super soft layer of cotton-bamboo batting.

I managed to scratch out a small window of time this summer to quilt this lovely with the impending weather (much like doom unless you're inside with a hot drink) as my motivation.  I knew going into this, that with two children, one dog and four cats (all of whom frequent our bed) this quilt was going to have to stand up to a LOT!  So I made the decision to overlock the edges before binding and finish off with a sturdy zig zag stitch.  I like the little touch of detail it lends to the edges and I love knowing that this thing will be around for a long time to come.

With my little girl snuggled safely in this quilt two years later, I am reminded of that cold winter night and look forward to many more cold winter nights snuggled in with her. I am also reminded that anything, including winter, is bearable if you have little girl snuggles and a quilt.


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    1. Thanks! It is soooooo cuddly. I don't know what I ever did before it was on my bed!

  2. Lovely quilt! Working with flannel intimidates me a bit but you did a fantastic job. It's so true that nursing mother's end up making late night purchases online - I've been there myself.

    1. So very, very true! Nursing moms, laptops and credit cards should never be left alone in the same room together! Which fabric did you buy when left to your devices?