Friday, January 24, 2014


Ever feel like you're living on a tight-rope wire without a harness while attempting to do house work?  That's what this year has felt like.  Between my part-time teaching gig, being a mom, trying to run my own business, my duties with the Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild and the other little odd jobs I tend to pick up here and there, I don't ever feel like anything gets my full attention.  I mean, how can you actually full-on concentrate on anything with a two-year-old whose favourite phrase is, "Mommy!  Come see!"

As I write, I am eating my lunch at the computer desk so I might sneak in a little moment to write this quick post.

Yesterday I managed to get something done.  Something that is giving me hope that next year I might be able to find some calm in the creative.  Wouldn't it be great if I could eliminate a stresser from my life and immerse myself in my creativity, and actually make that a safe and successful place to be?  I would call that place home.  And I would live there with my little family in a quaint little life.  And I would drink a lot of tea.  And eat a chocolate.  And maybe enjoy a book now and then.  And it would be wonderful...

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