Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Stars Shimmer Quilt Block Tutorial

I'm not a girl to sew with solids.  I like my prints.  Love them, actually.  Until recently, the only solid in my stash was white.  All that changed though, when I discovered Shot Cottons.  What's that you say?  They're not a solid because the weave and the weft are different?  Well, that's as close to a solid as I'm gonna get.  

This morning, I cut into this lovely bundle I put together for Mad About Patchwork and stars shimmered.  Literally.

The sheen and sparkle in these colours brought stars to mind, and that is what they became.

First, I raided my kitchen for my freezer paper.  I'm not sure why it's in the kitchen.  I never use it for any kitchen or food related purposes.  I cut a piece to 16" x 16" using my rotary cutter and ruler.  You can choose to make your block larger or smaller.  But now is the time to decide on size.

Next, I placed a dot in the centre of the paper on the matte side.  You can place yours off-centre if you'd like your star to be a little more wonky.

Once my dot was in place, I drew one intersecting line across the paper and through the dot.

My next step was to continue drawing radiating lines out from the centre.  In this step, it doesn't matter if the lines cross right through the dot from one side of the paper to the other.  I chose to start at the dot and work my way out so the lines don't look too uniform.  As long as you have the one intersecting line in the previous step, your block will sew together quite easily.

After I had all of my sections set out on the freezer paper, I labeled each section: those on the right side of my intersecting line with the letter "A" and a number, and those on the left with the letter "B" and a number.  In the end, you will be joining "A" and "B" together, so it's important to differentiate between these two sides now.

Next, I cut along each line to separate each labelled section.

I then randomly chose fabrics for each section, placed the freezer paper template on top and cut my chosen fabrics.  I was sure to leave extra fabric around the edges for seam allowance.  I later trimmed any extra fabric down to 1/4" seam allowance.

Once I had all of my pieces cut out, I ironed each freezer paper section to its corresponding piece of fabric with my iron set to high and steam.  You want the freezer paper to form a temporary bond to the fabric.

After I had ironed all of the freezer paper sections to the fabric, I used my ruler and trimmed any extra fabric beyond the freezer paper to a 1/4" seam allowance.

I layed out all of my sections following the letters and numbers labelled on each one and began sewing the sections together with right sides facing.

I started with all of the "A" sections and went in numerical order.  I then repeated the same process with the "B" sections. This left me with the initial two halves of the freezer paper created by the first intersecting line.

I removed the freezer paper, pressed the seams flat and then trimmed the excess from the centre of the "A" section and "B" section where all of the points meet.

I sewed the "A" and "B" sections together, pressed open the final seam and trimmed my block to size.  A shimmering star was born!


Even the scraps are pretty.  Too pretty to throw out.  Any suggestions on what to do with them?

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  1. you could do a landscape, an abstract sunrise...oooooo....

    Swampgirl, Dianne