Monday, February 17, 2014

When the Weather is Cold, You Warm Hearts

I'm not sure how much longer this winter is going to last, but I do remember having quite the ice and snow storm here in April of last year.  I've got Spring on the mind, but I'm not getting my hopes up.  Instead, I'll hope these frigid -25 degree Celsius days turn into days where the temperature hovers around zero and I'll continue to find joy in the little things: warm drinks, cozy quilts, falling snow and kiddie cuddles.

And to pass along some joy to you, whether you're hunkered down in hibernation mode much like myself, sweating in the hot sun or lingering in a land between these extremes, my high school friend Cari of Dugans in Cahoots and I are doing a giveaway over on her blog.  

Be sure to check it out, there is $75 worth of Waffle Kisses swag up for grabs.  And for the love of freezing fingers and hand-knit mittens, keep warm!

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