Wednesday, March 19, 2014


C's room is a work-in-progress and has been ever since we moved into our house almost three years ago -- this house that we hope to be in for a very long time.  Possibly forever.  So it doesn't bother me too much when I think about how much there is left to do, especially in her room. Some projects are at a stand-still, like the hand-painted mural I started in her room when we moved in and have yet to finish (or touch since last summer).  But overall, things are happening.  

When we moved in, we put up wall-to-wall wainscoting, painted the walls above a lovely shade of light aqua/turquoise, installed an IKEA chandelier we spray-painted coral and refinished an old dresser in a bright shade of yellow (which didn't turn out how I'd hoped, so it's once again on the current to-do list).  I also set about that custom mural, which I suppose I'll have to finish this summer since any and all wallpaper options I'm smitten with are entirely out of budget.

Amidst all of those items I have left to finish, I still find myself envious of C's room whenever I walk in the door.  Sometimes I just go in there and sit and stare at the colours, the fabrics, the prints by my friend Laura Daub, the hand-stitched ABC sampler on the wall.  It consumes me -- in a good way.  

And now I'm not sure I'll ever leave since I took the time this week to cut into my beloved Heather Ross stash of double gauze Far Far Away and make these fabric-covered embroidery hoops.  They are fantastic and I am in love.  And in envy.  Whose room do you find yourself in envy of? 


  1. I really like that Laura.. Sophisticated "homey"... :))

  2. I would steal that room in a heart beat LOL!