Monday, April 28, 2014

Sewn, Pinned and Swapped

OMQG pin cushion swap?  Yes, please!  It's been a busy month, but I couldn't pass up on giving the one, lone pin cushion I have a friend.  Maybe I'll even start a collection...

Names were drawn, fabric choices made and cushions sewn.  Then, my little deflated rays of sunshine sat flat as a pancake for almost 3 weeks while I tried to track down crushed walnut shells.  Let's just say I ended up going with polyfill instead when the closest thing I could find was clumping cat litter that "contains" crushed walnuts.

I improv pieced the rays, sewed a quarter circle onto those babies and finished off the detailing with some Anna Maria Horner Perle Cotton.  I especially like the mix of linen with the Grey Abbey fabrics.  Partner, I hope you like it!

I'm linking up with A Lovely Year of Finishes for my second finish of the year.  Small baby steps.  One little project at a time.  


  1. I absolutely love it Laura!! It already has a special spot next to my sewing machine! Thank you!

  2. It looks even better in person! Love the colour palette, Laura!

  3. If you are looking for crushed walnut shells another time, it is sold as litter for reptiles. It does come in large-ish bags but pin cushions make nice gifts, right? Well, that is what I told myself when I bought my first bag, ha.