Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May Happiness...

May marks my turn as quilter in the Do. Good Stitches Happiness Circle and also the first month my finished quilt could possibly, potentially (fingers crossed), be chosen to be displayed at a special exhibit at QuiltCon in Austin in February 2015 (marked on my calendar!).  I hummed.  I hawed.  I made sketches and scoured colour palettes.  And eventually I landed on improv blocks in mainly white with gray or black accents and pops of navy, mustard yellow, bright pink and aqua or turquoise.

I really enjoy doing improv piecing and am quite happy with how these blocks turned out.  Normally, each person in our group makes 2 - 12.5" blocks.  This month, I gave our members the choice to alter the shape or measurements, as long as the blocks cover roughly the same area.  I'm so excited to see what my fellow stitchers come up with and can't wait to have fun putting this giant puzzle together once I get all of the blocks!

By the way, I hate real puzzles and don't have the patience to make someone else's work "fit," but quilting puzzles are a whole different story.  There are no rules and I can make extra pieces to make things fit where I want to.  Which is absolutely what I love about improv and also absolutely what drives others bonkers.  So I'm wondering, which side of the love/hate improv fence do you sit on?


  1. I love improv, but I am not very good at it. It scares me because I am an ordered person who adores the pattern. But I love the look of improv and have been challenging myself to get outside my pattern box. Loving the colors you chose.

  2. definitely on the love side :-D

  3. I am on the love side! I think improv is so fun and can have such great results! I love your b locks :)

  4. Oh you know what side I'm on! Lol. Love love love the improv.

    These blocks have turned out great - can't wait to see the finished product!