Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lucky Number Three

I spent most of my free sewing time last week making this Oliver + S Fairy Tale dress for my little girl.

Then the inevitable happened. This little girl who melts my heart on a daily basis with her big hugs, long sentences and shining smile turned three.  We celebrated with a unicorn party filled with pink, purple and sprinkles and the little lady, who wanted a crown and not a tiara to go with her dress, did not want the party to end.  I have to say, if someone threw me a party like that, I wouldn't want it to end either.

Happy Birthday, C! You're now the lucky number three!


  1. awww, bless her! Happy three, C xx

  2. Sew sweet! The dress AND your daughter. She's a big girl now! Happy Birthday!

  3. Love the dress and the cake. My mom made me a cake with My Little Ponies on it when I was a child. Never did forget that! Happy times =)

  4. Thank you, everyone! I can't believe she's three and will be heading to school soon.

  5. You have a great talent Laura. You sewn your baby girl's dress beautifully. She looks so pretty wearing that.

    Happy birthday to her.

    Gretta Hewson