Saturday, February 7, 2015

Happiness Delayed

I've been gone a while.  I know.  It's not that I haven't done any sewing -- quite the opposite actually.  With QuiltCon prep (as in handmade wardrobe making), sewing samples for the studio, and finishing up other commitments, I find myself more and more on Instagram and less and less in blogland.

However, in the midst of late nights, flakes of snow and cups of coffee, I did manage to finish two verrrrrry late projects: quilts for the Happiness Circle of Do. Good Stitches. 

In May of 2014 (I know! sooooooo long ago), I asked my group for improv blocks in white with accents of navy, bright pink, aqua and mustard yellow.  I finally got around to putting them together and quilting them and will be sending the finished quilt off to someone who could use a little extra love and comfort right now.

In September of 2014 (ok...not sooooooo long ago), I asked my group for feathers and arrows as well as any leftover pieced scraps in a palette of teal, mustard yellow and brown against low-volume fabrics. The colours feel very warm and masculine to me and I love the way the feathers, arrows and improv-pieced scraps work together.

To make a long story short, both of these quilts are delayed. Both are for the Happiness Circle of Do. Good Stitches and both will soon be wrapped around some very special people.


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